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Make Laundry Easier with These Laundry Tips & Tricks

Laundry can a be daunting task, regardless if you've been doing laundry all your life, or if your away from your parents who've been doing laundry for you. Luckily, there are tips and tricks available to help you ensure you get your laundry done right and inspire happiness with clean clothes!

Tip #1: Separate your clothes by color! 

Always try to separate your clothes by darks and whites if you can. This will help you keep your colors from fading and your whites white. 

Tip #2: Flip your clothes inside out.

This is another option to ensure your colors don't fade for your shirts and pants. It's also a great way to keep your graphics, logos, and/or beads on your T-shirts and your jeans from fading.

Tip #3: Read the care label.

Knowing what the symbols mean on your care label can help you get your clothes laundered to the manufactures recommendations and can guide you if your unsure on how you should wash your laundry. Check out our care instruction legend if you want to learn exactly what those symbols mean.

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Tip #4: Wash in cold water.

Cold water is great for most clothes and can wash just as efficiently as warm or hot as long as the garments can safely be placed in a washer. Cold water also helps prevent your clothes from fading or shrinking as heat may reduce durability in fabrics. Unless your goal is to sanitize the clothing or bedding due to illness, washing in hot water is a better choice. 

Tip #5: Don't over stuff the machines! 

Just like the dryer, washers don't work well if you stuff the entire drum full of clothes. Washers are designed to activate detergents and water while circulating your laundry in the drums as it spins. The more space you have, the more room it has to agitate resulting in a cleaner wash. If your home washer can barely fit your comforters or blankets, better to bring it to a laundromat with a larger capacity so you can wash and dry it properly (and quickly!). 

Tip #6: Adding the appropriate amount of soap is important.

More isn't always better. Measuring the appropriate amount of detergent is another key to clean clothes. Too much detergent and the washer may have a harder time rinsing out the soap, too little, and the soap may not be enough to penetrate and lift dirt off your fabrics. (Bonus tip: Adding a liquid fabric softener can reduce suds if you accidentally added too much detergent)

Tip #7: The best way to get rid of stains is to treat them as soon as you can.

Accidents happen. The best way to get rid of stains is to treat them as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the harder it may become to clean. If you toss your stained laundry in the hamper and wait a few days before laundry day, the chances of lifting the stain becomes lower than if you had treated it the same day. If you don't have any spot cleaners, soak your stain in cold water for 30 minutes. 

These are only some tips to help you with your laundry. If you unsure on how to wash or dry your clothes or have questions, feel free to ask any of our staff here at Mama's Laundromat and we can assist you.